• The service that we deliver and the well being of our tenants is extremely important to us. When we started Bee Lettings, we defined this as one our pillars that would form the way we operate.

    As landlords already, and in the past tenants, we began to think of how we could provide a difference to the property letting market and we came up with the four pillars that we have run our business on now since its inception.

  • The whole experience with Bee Lettings has been fantastic and problem free. I would recommend them to anyone!
    Andrew, City Centre


Certain agencies charge astronomical fees to tenants before they've even set foot in a property. It's a difficult enough time moving house anyway, so we keep our fees low.

Our standard application fees for a single let house or flat are just £100 for the first tenant and £50 for each subsequent tenant, both inclusive of VAT.

For shared houses (HMO's), where you are renting a room in a house, the application fee is just £50 inclusive of VAT. We know that in some shared houses, certain private landlords don't charge an application fee, but we have to reference all our tenants for the safety and security of the existing tenants. We believe all our tenants would want to know that those living with them have been referenced.


  • We treat everyone we deal with as individuals, and believe we're very good at understanding the needs of our tenants. We ensure we look after our tenants, give them a fantastic service and even have some great tenants reward schemes like free monthly prize draws.

    If the unthinkable happens and you have an emergency out of hours at home, we have a 24 hour helpline which is operated 7 days a week. A tradesman is never more than a phone call away who can sort out the emergency. We also work with all our landlords to get the property that we let accredited by the local council to ensure you have the safest home to live in.

  • Bee Lettings provides a professional service with a personal approach. Everything is kept to a high standard and runs smoothly and effectively. Definitely makes a house feel like a home.
    Nick, City Centre


Communication is important in every walk of life and we ensure that our communication is excellent and welcome any feedback that our tenants give us.

We tailor our communication levels dependant on the situation and utilise text messaging and emails to ensure you don't have a stack of paperwork to file somewhere.

We utilise technology along with more traditional methods of communication to ensure that you feel that we are always approachable and regardless of what you need to talk to us about, or even the time of day, there is always someone at the end of the line, 24 hours a day, to talk to.

  • Good point of contact - emails + text messages. Very helpful - good assistance.
    Marese, West Town


How many times have we heard from tenants that they are moving home because the landlord won't fix the leak in the ceiling, or there was damp in the property!

Before we take on a property to manage, we thoroughly inspect it to ensure that its of a standard where we would be happy to live in. If its not, we don't let it. Things can go wrong when you're in the property, so its important to us that we jump on these issues and resolve them as quickly as possible to ensure your home is in good order.

  • Bee Lettings are a thoroughly professional letting company, always insuring that their properties are of high standard and maintained on a regular basis. My experience with them has been excellent and I would highly recommend them.
    Julie-Ann, Woodston

Become a Bee Lettings Tenant

When you become a Bee Lettings tenant you will wonder why you ever rented elsewhere. We'll tell you about our tenant reward scheme, our referal scheme and will give you the kind of personal service that will make you think you're our only tenant.

Your next home is just around the corner. Contact us now and let us see how we can help.

Tenant Fee Structure

The majority of fees our tenants pay are just the application fee and an exit administration fee. We believe that we should be paid a fair fee for a fair amount of work. As there is a fair amount of work to do at the beginning and end of a tenancy, that's why we structure our fees in this way.

We also keep these fees as low as possible, and considerably lower than many other agencies in the area because we know that you work hard for your money and you deserve to keep as much of that as possible. Our fees are calculated based on the average amount of work we have to perform for each tenant. We think you'll agree they're very reasonable. All the prices below are inclusive of VAT.

Single Let Properties

Application Fee: £100 for the first tenant £50 for each subsequent tenant
Exit administration fee: £60

Shared Houses (HMO's)

Application Fee: £50
Exit administration fee: £36

That vast majority of our tenants only ever have to pay the fees detailed above. Unfortunately sometimes things go wrong and we have to charge penalties. We believe that all these penalties are reasonable compared to the extra work that we have to perform. Our preference is not to charge them and typically, even with late rent, we give tenants one or two chances as we recognise that sometimes banks make mistakes, or even just human memory fails us. If you have any question regarding these fees and penalties, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss them with you.

All Properties

Call out to let you into your property
£36 during office hours, £72 outside of office hours (Typically for lost keys)
Cash or cheque fee
3% of total transaction (this is due to bank charges - electronic transfer is free)
Cleaning charges at end of tenancy
Room in shared house £30-£40 (additional £40 if ensuite)
1 bed property £60-£80
2 bed property £100-£120
3 bed property £140-£160
4 bed property £200-£250
5+bed property £250-£300

Properties are expected to be returned in the condition to which they were supplied. Video inventories are taken along with written inventories. We do not want to charge these fees, therefore we recommend that you clean the house, including bathrooms and ovens before we attend your exit meeting.

Please note that cleaning charges are a guideline and for heavily soiled properties or damaged, a seperate quote may be required.

The above cleaning charges do not include oven cleaning and carpet cleaning. This will be costed on a case by case basis dependant on the level of cleaning required.

Penalty Charges

If your cheque does not clear (bounces) £30
Late rent letters (sent at 10, 20 and 32 days overdue) £30
Overdue rent interest charges (from 10 days overdue) BOE base rate + 4% on total amount overdue
Storage of belongings after tenancy end date £30 per day
Standard hourly rate for misc work or misssed appointments £42 per hour

If at the end of your tenancy you do not return all your keys to us, or you lose your keys and we have to replace the locks and have new keys cut for security reasons, the following charges will apply:

Single Let Properties

£60 per unique outdoor key. If a key opens more than one door, an additional £30 per lock that needs changing.
For properties on a master key system (we will inform you if this is applicable) there will be an additional £96 per unique key. If the key opens more than one door, an additional £36 will be added.

Shared House (HMO's)

The same charges as per a single let apply for shared houses, however, in addition there would be a £40 charge per room key lost and an additional £60 if this room key is on a master key system.

Early Termination Fees

If you leave before your official tenancy end date, or you leave within your notice period, we will endevour to find a new tenant and will not charge rent for the same period from two different tenants.
You do however remain liable for rent payments up until the end of your notice period. If you leave before, a fee of £100 will be applied or the remainder of rent for the period, which ever is lower.
Here are some examples:

- You sign up for a minimum of 6 month tenancy and then need to leave at 3 months. You give us one month's notice and we manage to find a new tenant to move in the day after you leave. In this scenario, you are released from your contract at the day you move out and no further rent is applicable. There is a charge of £100 for being released early. This is due to us having to advertise and perform viewings earlier than we should have needed to and is hence classed as extra work.

- You sign up for a minimum of 6 month tenancy and have stayed in the property for 2 years. A situation arises where you need to leave in a weeks time. You give 1 month's notice, but leave a week in. We do not find a tenant to move in before your official notice period ends, therefore you must pay the rent for the full notice period. No extra charges apply as you are outside of your minimum tenancy term.

- You sign up for a minimum of 3 month tenancy in a shared house, but your contract is not renewed and therefore hand in your notice after 8 weeks. We find a tenant to move in a week before your notice period is up and therefore refund you a week of the rent that you have paid for this notice period, minus the £100 fee for leaving your contract early. If your rent refund is less than £100, then nothing would be returned, but we would also not require you to make up the difference. For example, if the rent refund was £34 for 2 days of leaving your contract early, we would just accept the £34 as the early termination fee.